Saturday, March 20, 2010

Walmart fires cancer patient: Whaaaaaaaa?

Hi again everybody, today I'm here with a little bit of news that's pretty widely circulated, but here I go regurgitating it for your pleasure. Momma bird!

Joe Casias, 29, of Michigan was terminated from his job at Wal-Mart last November after testing positive for marijuana. What the company failed to recognize was that Casias was prescribed medical marijuana for... Sinus Cancer and a Brain Tumor.

Yes, they fired somebody with brain cancer for using medication prescribed by their doctor to relieve sinus pressure and tension. He was also an exemplary employee earning associate of the year during his time with the company, and no mention of unsatisfactory performance was given as a reason for his termination.

Casias is discussing his options with an attorney, and thanks to all of the negative attention they have earned, Wal-Mart has issued a statement that they will not contest his rights to employee benefits.

But this is still grossly inadequate, why was this man fired at all? Michigan law explicitly states that :

A qualifying patient who has been issued and possesses a registry identification card shall not be subject to arrest, prosecution, or penalty in any manner, or denied any right or privilege, including but not limited to civil penalty or disciplinary action by a business or occupational or professional licensing board or bureau...

This incident is proof that the ongoing dialogue about marijuana and work to alleviate the social stigma connected to it must continue.

If you'd like to leave Wal-Mart a comment about how this makes you feel: click here.

You might start your complaint off like... "The termination of Joe Casias for his medical marijuana use was a poor decision, and I am appalled by the company's lack of compassion in dealing with this issue."

But then again, that's just a suggestion. You could also email them at

ssdp protest on facebook

ABC News Article

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