Thursday, January 20, 2011

Former President Vicente Fox Urges Mexico to Legalize Drugs

Vicente Fox, Mexican president from 2000-2006, has been advocating for Mexico to legalize all drugs in order to curb the absolutely disgusting amount of drug related violence in his country.

Fox, who was once a strong proponent of the drug war, now acknowledges that the prohibitionist model does not work. He cites the loss of tourism, of talented and professional people over the border to the United States, and the state of fear as costs too great to bear.

The death toll topped 12000 in 2010 and intense conflict continues as the cartels vie for power.

" is not only in people's income, in investment, but also in the collective psychology. There is fear in the country. And when you have an environment where there is no harmony, no peace and tranquility then no human being can make the best of themselves."

-Vicente Fox

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