Wednesday, November 18, 2009

An Example Lies Across The Ocean!

Hey guys, Taylor here. A few months ago I remember running across an article from The title of the article, as you will see, is Treating, Not Punishing. A theme that is the backbone to my belief on the war on drugs.


This article deals with new studies done in Portugal, a country that in 2001 decriminalized all mainstream drugs. Many believed that Portugal's decriminalization laws would only bring about vast amount of "drug-tourism" and higher rates of drug usage throughout the country. Yet, the studies show that this has not been the case and in fact the opposite has occurred.
Studies from a Libertarian American think-tank, the Cato Institute, have shown that there has been no evidence for such claims; Portugal has not become a relaxing tourist spot for drug users. The study also shows that drug usage rates of children and young adults have not risen. The only numbers that show any increase are those concerning rehabilitation and disease treatmeant. All in the favor of the Portuguese.
Please take a look at this eye-opening article. This article and facts in it only support my fight against the American Drug war. This article can show not only America, but the rest of the World, how to combat the Drug war. It is great to see a strategy that is none aggressive. A strategy that uses education and health as its main concern. This is a country that sees drug abusers as patients not criminals. This is how everyone should see them.

Until next post,
Taylor (Kent State SSDP)

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