Monday, November 30, 2009

Marc Emery Vs The US Government

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Video Description: Originally released on August 14th, 2005. The title of this video was changed to removed possible confusion regarding content. This video was originally titled "SMOKE OUT AT THE USA CONSULATE IN VANSTERDAM! Sept 10th" rallying support for the upcoming protests that were being planned.

Video clips detailing the raid on Emery Seeds, thanks to Newshawks Fran and Orion.

A meeting to form a planning committee for the September 10th rally will take place at the BCMP Bookstore in the basement on Thursday August 4th at 4pm, anybody who wants to get involved and have a say in what happens is welcome. No Narcs Please.

In reaction to America's recent attack on Canadian Sovereignty through the raid on Marc Emery Seeds a HUGE Smokeout at the US Consulate in Vansterdam is being planned for September 10th. It is time to Smoke Out the USA and get the DEA out of Canada. Stay Tuned to Pot.TV for more details. Free marc Emery, Free Michelle Rainey, Free MarijuaMan, Free Renee Boje, Free Marijuana Prisoners Everywhere!

We encourage activists in other Provinces to hold sister rallies at US Consulates on this same day and our American Brothers and Sisters to organize events at local Canadian Consulates to tell them not to listen to the Bush Administration.

My Thoughts: I feel that it is unconstitutional that our United States Government is seeking action against Marc Emery at the cost of our wasted tax dollars. We wasted our tax dollars to apprehend Tommy Chong for his family's bong business and now we are going after a seed seller who paid his federal taxes to the Canadian government and they knew about him the entire time. There are many seed stores that currently operate like the one that Marc once owned, but few if any pay their federal taxes for their business. The Canadian government would be pestered by medical marijuana users in Canada and the government would send them to Marc. Now our United States Drug Enforcement Agency decided to pressure and bully the Canadian government into going after him.In the statement seen here (DEA Statement made by former DEA head official Karen Tandy. She said, "Today's DEA arrest of Marc Scott Emery, publisher of Cannabis Culture Magazine and founder of a marijuana legislation group is a significant blow not only to the marijuana trafficking trade in the US and Canada to the marijuana legislation movement." She goes on to talk how hundreds of thousands of dollars that he sent to marijuana legislation organization throughout the world will now have less money to rely on. These statements are blatantly against his political activities which according to the US- Canada Extradition Treaty is illegal to go after an individual for political motivation.

What do you think? Shoul We go after Marc for his seed business and political activities like the DEA wants to? Do you think that spending our tax dollars on capturing Marc is a good move? Do you think that using our tax dollars on going after Tommy Chong was beneficial for stopping violent drug crime? Let me know your thoughts on this blog

What can we do? There are several things we can do from passing out fliers about Marc with facts about himself regarding this case seen at or e can contact important government officials as seen below like Seattle, Washington Judge Ricardo Martinez or US President Barack Obama.

Contact Judge Ricardo Martinez in Seattle, Washington and tell him that he should let Marc Emery return home to Canada sentence instead of the 5-year term in a US prison according to the plea deal.
Mail: Honorable Ricardo S. Martinez
U.S. Courthouse
700 Stewart Street, Suite 13134
Seattle, WA

Or Contact President Barack Obama and tell him that he should pardon Canadian citizen Marc Emery and let him return home to Canada.

Phone: (202) 456-1414 (switchboard) and (202) 456-1111 (comments)
Fax: (202) 456-2461
Mail: The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC

-Felix Pavlotsky

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