Thursday, April 8, 2010

Say Hi to the Camera

So today, we the people of Kent State SSDP, got together in Risman Plaza for the SAFER day of action. Due to the rainy weather the turnout wasn't quite as large as we had hoped, but we still had in my mind a very successful time talking to people about the disparities between marijuana and alcohol legislation.

19 action news was there to film us, and the article as well as their footage is available here.

Notably they included one of our objectives as walking into president lefton's office and presenting him with a copy of The Emerald Initiative, which we did not do. They snuck in some "stoner spin" but we definitely got airtime for all of our main points thanks to Chris, and I really feel like this was an overwhelmingly positive press experience.

But I'm intersted in how everyone else feels about this. I know we'll probably all be talking about it face to face, but if you happen to read this share your thoughts in the comments section!

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